October 12, 2021

The benefits of coworking

Collaborative workspaces have been on the rise for the past decade - especially in the last year - and with more employees taking advantage of the benefits of remote working this trend is likely to continue.

The reasons for this growth are fairly simple - the many benefits on offer to both businesses and individuals are plain to see, both emotionally and financially, coworking spaces provide a great many benefits that cannot be ignored.  

When considering your options for your working space in the post-lockdown period, it’s worth considering these benefits and how they can help you achieve your objectives…

Increased flexibility

A coworking office space offers remote employees or freelancers the opportunity to choose the way of working that suits them – after all, we are all different, and this option certainly enables the individual to make informed choices that impact positively on their productivity. 

Cost efficiency

There are also a number of financial advantages of choosing a collaborative working space, as the way you pay is more variable than the fixed rates that are associated with a designated office. By choosing a coworking space, you gain the advantage of only paying for what you need, when you need it.

Networking/collaboration opportunities

The beauty of coworking is the variance of new ‘colleagues’ that can be encountered, each with their own diverse businesses, knowledge and abilities that can be shared in a professional setting, as opposed to the isolated nature of a traditional private office.  

Work life balance

With so much emphasis on mental health and wellbeing in the post-Covid period, the ability to adopt a more flexible approach in the workplace, along with variable holiday entitlement and employee assistance programmes can really have a positive impact on employee satisfaction.  This of course also impacts positively on the employer, through increased productivity, staff happiness and employee retention.

Increased productivity

However the individual prefers to work, be it in a private area, or a more open, social setting, they will be able to find their ideal place in a coworking office. The mix of communal hot desk spaces and private pod-style spots provide an ideal blend of environments in order to maximise productivity.

Reduced loneliness

One of the main consequences of the recent lockdown was the increase in the feeling of loneliness of those working at home in isolation. A coworking space offers many solutions to this problem, whether it’s a chat in the kitchen or a catch up over the desk or in the relaxed seating area, there is ample opportunity for human contact.

No long lease

Using a coworking space gives you complete flexibility to vary your work schedule, in a location that suits you, and one that changes when your mood and work dictates.  Without the tie of a long lease on a fixed office, you have the power to dictate what your working pattern looks like.

Increased creativity

Coworking spaces tend to be modern by design, complete with the type of forward thinking features and facilities that individuals need to maximise their productivity.  Be it collaborative spaces, relaxed breakout areas or private booths, a coworking space will offer the perfect environment for you to recharge your creativity.

Shared workspace at Babble Research
Collaborative work space at Babble Research.

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