November 26, 2021

Going beyond at babble

Since re-opening our doors following the pandemic, we have relished the opportunity to welcome clients – new and old -back to our facility.  In that time, it has quickly become apparent to us how much we have missed what we do, and the feeling we get whilst we are doing it.  That ‘thing’ is working with all kinds of people, and in every case providing them with the service that they need in order to achieve their objectives in the very best way we can, our ‘feelgood service’ as we call it.

It cannot be denied that the buzz that we get when both studios are booked and in use is addictive – we love taking care of all visitors to babble – moderators, clients and respondents – in order to make their time here as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

When talking to people about my job, I often get asked ‘What exactly is it that you do?’, a question I often struggle to fully answer, given the massively varied nature of the role in running a market research viewing facility.

This week alone has only served to support this.  In addition to our ‘day job’ of hosting focus groups,  we have arranged for a large parcel of product to be shipped to New Zealand, with all the red tape and paperwork that comes with it – on behalf of a client leaving in a hurry. A delivery of 5 fridge freezers arrived from Germany late one evening, twelve hours before the agreed delivery time, so we were back at the studios to oversee their safe arrival in the studio for a week of research.  Next week’s challenge is to convert our main office into a pop-up studio so that we can accommodate 16 gas hobs for another week’s research…all in a day’s work!

Everything that we do is done with the client in mind - we are here to ensure that the dreaded ‘what if?’ don’t happen, and if they do, they get resolved quickly and easily so that the project runs as smoothly and successfully as possible.  Whatever happens, be it Brexit or Covid, we are all about being responsive to deal with the changing times we live in.

In short, whatever happens, we can roll with it.  Life is changeable…but one constant is babble and our brilliant customer service.  That's why you can genuinely feel good, supported, calm at babble.

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